What’s a Mirepoix?

Mirepoix is a peculiar little bistro with a focus on breakfast and lunch (but mostly brunch). The goal is to fill tummies with yummy benedicts, omelettes, homemade bread, roasted potatoes, soups and sandwiches.  You can check out the menu below.  Note: it will be rotating, it will all be made fresh in-house, local, seasonal and organic, wherever possible.  We will of course have options for our vegan, vegetarian and gluten free friends.

Curious about the name?  We’re happy to explain.  A “mirepoix” is loosely defined as “onions, carrots and celery” or the “starting point to many a rad recipe”.  We want to be your mirepoix and invite you to start your day with us… at a time of your choosing… as long as it is after 8:00 am.  🙂

We look forward to seeing you soon.


A little about our current cast members:

Emma: Fun fact: Anthony Bourdain started as a dishwasher.

Lisa: ‘Oh it’s such a perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you.’

Maddy: ‘Wrecking ball in a summer dress.’

Matty: ‘Ace of Spades’

Another fun fact, Mr. Matt Hemmingsen is the only one of our team to have a real biography. Trust me, use the google, he’s legit.

Zach:  ‘Street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm.’


Menu (As Far As We Can Tell)
  • Brunch
  • Sides
  • stuff I will tell you about when you call, text, email or get here
We like getting things from these beauties:

Churchhill Natural Meats

Harvest 365 Organic Greens

RC Haist Farms

Thre3 Interiors

Rebecca Montemurro

Boyle Bros Market Garden

Ohme Farms

Lakeland Game Meats


Contact Mirepoix

Come get your Breakfast/Lunch/Brunch on:
Wed – Sun from 8am – 2pm (ish)

We’re located at:
64 Court St.
St. Catharines, On, L2R4S2

Contact us at:
Phone: 289.968.8772